Custom Wood Homes


Our commitment to building your dream home is personal

At Wisconsin Log Homes, we believe that your experience is just as important as your home. Our proven Design Build Solution maximizes efficiency and accountability, and simplifies the custom design and construction process for our clients. By combining on-site and in-house Design Consultations, Architectural Planning & Design, Turn-key Construction Services, and Interior Design & Décor, we become the single point of contact and eliminate any miscommunication or problems that often occur with having multiple providers.

“A house, if you will, becomes a home in part by the good people that you are fortunate to work with in the building of it. We feel very fortunate to have met you and to have worked with you so closely in the building of our new home. We will look for every opportunity to share with people how grateful we are to have worked with such an outstanding business.” -Gary & Kathy


Your journey begins by researching Wisconsin Log Homes through our website, in magazines, and by talking with one of our experienced National Home Consultants. In many cases, our clients will also visit our headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin to learn more about who we are and what we do first-hand. During your visit, you will meet the team you'll be working with very extensively throughout your project. You will also have the opportunity to tour our in-house design center, showroom, manufacturing mill, and nearby log and timber model homes.

Getting to know each of our clients on a personal level is important to us – whether it be over the phone and e-mail, or in person. By learning more about you and your family, we're able to get a better understanding of your dream home needs and guide you in a direction that’s right for you.


Because we want to give you the personalized attention you deserve during your visit and take as much time necessary to discuss your project plans and visions, we ask that you call us ahead of time and schedule an appointment with one of our National Home Consultants before you make the trip to our headquarters. With your scheduled appointment, we can also set up a tour of our Showroom and private model homes.


During the early design phase, we will gather information about your building site and decide if an on-site Design Consultation will be appropriate for your project needs. At your site, we’ll walk your property together and look for major views and setback issues like wetlands or area restrictions. We’ll also consider topography and grade, and determine where the sun sets and rises. Taking all these details into consideration, we will discuss design possibilities that will maximize exposure and aesthetics, and create a home that will blend effortlessly into its surroundings.

Wisconsin Log Homes will design your home to blend effortlessly into its surroundings.


In the planning stage, you will have the opportunity to meet with your personal National Home Consultant, design team and in-house general contractors to discuss your project visions and cost parameters in detail. During these pressure-free meetings, we will discuss your ideas and expectations. We’ll also discuss your project plans in detail, create conceptual sketches of your home’s initial design if required, and determine turn-key cost parameters and design feasibility. It is our priority to make sure you are completely informed and comfortable before making a commitment to move forward.

“We have built several custom homes, but building a log home requires unique talent. Wisconsin Log Homes took our ideas and refined a plan that proves that superior design and project implementation continues to satisfy. The process was so wonderful we often think of building another Wisconsin Log Home.” -Jan & Bill


Before a dream home becomes reality, it occupies space in your imagination. Our goal is to capture your visions and create a custom home plan that suits your needs, wants, style, property and budget. Our in-house design team will make themselves familiar with your needs and work with you one-on-one to create a plan that meets your personal expectations and requirements.

Throughout the design phase, you will work closely with our in-house designers, discussing ideas that you would like to incorporate in your custom home plan. Our team of design and construction experts will offer suggestions and options for your home, all while keeping your needs, wants, property and budget in mind. Creating a home that will fit your lifestyle is the most critical step in the process. At Wisconsin Log Homes, we’re driven by the pursuit of excellence and will work with you to design a home that incorporates the right mix of innovation and functionality.

Our building system allows for any design and style possibilities that our clients can envision. Any of our floor plans can be modified in size, layout and style to better fit your needs and property, or we can start entirely from scratch on a completely new and original design.


Early in the preliminary design process, we will complete the basic layout (known as the “conceptual layout”) for your home, forwarding plans back and forth until you are satisfied with the overall rough design. We will also discuss finish options such as window and door styles, log and timber profiles, interior and exterior colors and textures, and structural or decorative bracing to create the precise style you are envisioning.

Next, we will draw the plans for your log, timber frame or hybrid home, including elevations. At this time, you will also have the option to take a 360-degree virtual tour of the exterior of your home by using our 3-D rendering services. You'll appreciate the time-saving, cost-saving, and confidence-building advantages of our newest 3-D technology.

Upon the completion and approval of your preliminary drawings, Wisconsin Log Homes will distribute the plans to the Contractor(s) of your choice. Unique to the industry, Wisconsin Log Homes has an in-house building crew and General Contractor that services projects throughout Wisconsin, but most commonly, your personal Home Consultant will help direct you to a reputable Contractor in your area through our National Builder Network or work with a local Contractor you prefer. Your Home Consultant will assist your builder with any questions or information they need to submit an accurate proposal and we can review the proposal with you to make sure you thoroughly understand the information. We will also be able to generate a contract price for your Wisconsin Log Homes materials package at this time. When you are comfortable with all design and building aspects of your home, we will begin final design development. At this time, final floor plans and elevations are combined and adjustments are made for proportion and scale. Every detail is reviewed, ensuring that the structure is accurate for construction.

Wisconsin Log Homes requests a down payment starting at only $1.50 per square foot for Preliminary Design Drawings generated by our design team. These monies will be credited toward your Wisconsin Log Homes materials package. Final Working Drawings begin once we have a signed contract and a 10% deposit on your complete materials package.


Included with Final Construction Blueprints (Sample Below):

  • Cover Page and Specifications
  • Elevations
  • Floor Plans
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Framing Plan
  • Roof Framing Plan
  • Sections
  • Construction Details


Each client is assisted with the construction of their home in one form or another during the Wisconsin Log Homes experience. Some may decide to use our in-house, turn-key construction services available throughout Wisconsin, while others want help qualifying or selecting a builder in their area. If you do not have a builder already in mind, we can help align you with the skilled construction crews in your area who will meet the unique needs of you and your project through our National Builder Network. The advantages of our Thermal-Log™ building system, combined with our detailed construction drawings and materials package, has enabled our clients to choose any capable and experienced custom conventional home builder to successfully construct their log, timber frame or hybrid home. No matter where you are located or which builder you choose, Wisconsin Log Homes stays involved, provides technical support, and will assist throughout the construction journey to make sure your home building experience is a success.

“We shopped around for a long time comparing a variety of companies and local builders – Wisconsin Log Homes beat out all the competition, hands down, based on style, variety, quality, reputation, and price. We highly recommend Wisconsin Log Homes – they’re top notch all the way around.” -John & Ann


Working with clients from the preliminary planning stage through completion, our in-house Interior Designer will assist you with exterior finish selections like stain, window cladding, hardware and roof colors. We can also generate a furniture layout customized to your floor plan to give you a better sense of proportion, and to make sure each room will live up to your expectations before final construction drawings. For those looking for full-service Interior Design & Décor, our designer is also available to guide you through the many opportunities available in the worlds of furniture, lighting, fabrics, paint, stain, cabinetry, accessories, art, flooring, custom mantels, stairway systems, and much more.

Building in Wisconsin with our in-house construction division? 

Unique to the industry, Wisconsin Log Homes provides clients building with our in-house team with complimentary Interior Design services with our very own Interior Designer who is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Interior Design and an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, and an active participant in the Wisconsin chapter. 

The selections process for a custom home can often be overwhelming, so we – not our clients – invest in this additional service to be sure that the planning, design and construction process goes as smooth and seamless as possible for both our clients and everyone involved in the construction of their home.  From start to finish, our Interior Designer “hand holds” our clients through each and every decision that needs to be made and ensures that each selection works well together to create a beautiful and cohesive home.  Having our Interior Designer there every step of the way ensures that nothing gets missed, information stays organized, selections stay in allowance/budget, and decisions are made when needed so schedules remain as planned.  Our goal is to make the home building journey enjoyable, easy and stress-free so our clients are comfortable and happy every step of the way.

Have your own Interior Designer or prefer to not work with our in-house Interior Designer?  We are happy to accommodate your Interior Design needs and provide as much or as little service as you desire.