Custom Wood Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we begin our project with Wisconsin Log Homes?

We highly recommend that you call and speak directly with one of our National Home Consultants to discuss your project plans and ideas, and to learn more about our homes and services. As you gather information, you will have many questions that need honest answers. Our experts are here to use as a resource during the planning and research stage, so take advantage of their knowledge and experience. We’re here to help and guide you in a direction that’s right for you and your project.

Our team of National Home Consultants service the world from our Headquarters in Wisconsin. Please call 1-800-678-9107 to speak with one of our custom wood home experts today.


Can I customize and modify a plan I see on your website?

Wisconsin Log Homes specializes in custom design; so each home we design is created specifically for its owners. Any of our custom floor plans can be modified in size, layout and architectural style to better fit your personal needs, property and budget. We can also start entirely from scratch on a completely new design if none of our plans interest you. Your design options are truly limitless and every square inch of your custom home will be personalized for you and your family!


How much does it cost to have my home designed by Wisconsin Log Homes?

Our design services are free once you purchase your Wisconsin Log Homes Materials Package. Wisconsin Log Homes requests a down payment starting at only $1.50 per square foot to start the Preliminary Design Drawings of your home. That amount will be credited towards your Wisconsin Log Homes Materials Package.

How much will my custom home cost?

The cost of every Wisconsin Log Home is going to be different based on each client and what their visions and preferences are. This makes building your custom home unique in the sense that costs are only relevant to what you want in your home; the options are truly endless. Custom windows and doors, log and timber trusses, stair and railing systems, wood species and beam sizes are just the start of what will affect your home’s overall cost. In addition, the largest cost variables are going to be the finishes you pick out - including things like custom cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, lighting, etc. We will also have to take into consideration plumbing fixtures, masonry, HVAC systems and possible options like radiant heat or geothermal.

Wisconsin Log Homes has worked closely with thousands of homeowners throughout the world to incorporate their unique ideas into their very own dream home. From day one, before drawings are even started, you will receive honest and upfront ballpark estimates on what your home is likely to come in at according to our experience with finished homes similar to your plan’s design complexity and level of finishes. Designing your home within your budget parameters is not only important to you, but it’s important to our team and we make it our responsibility to keep you safely within what you want to invest.

To get a ballpark price range for a home you are envisioning, please call and speak with one of our National Home Consultants at 1-800-678-9107 to discuss your rough ideas and plans for your project.


Who will build by home?

Each client is assisted with the construction of their home in one form or another during the Wisconsin Log Homes experience. Some may decide to use our in-house, turn-key construction services available throughout Wisconsin, while others want help qualifying or selecting a builder in their area. If you do not have a builder already in mind, we can help align you with the skilled construction crews in your area who will meet the unique needs of you and your project through our National Builder Network. The advantages of our Thermal-Log™ building system, combined with our detailed construction drawings and materials package, has enabled our clients to choose any capable and experienced custom conventional home builder to successfully construct their log, timber frame or hybrid home. No matter where you are located or which builder you choose, Wisconsin Log Homes stays involved, provides technical support and will assist throughout the construction journey to make sure your home building experience is a success.


How much maintenance does a Wisconsin Log Home require?

Our Thermal-Log™ building system provides the lowest maintenance log, timber and hybrid homes in the industry. There is no log-wall settling or necessary structural maintenance with our building system. The only maintenance required by owning a Wisconsin Log Home is re-staining the exterior wood and touching up caulk once every few years.


Are your homes energy-efficient?

Since the 1970's, Wisconsin Log Homes has been providing leadership in energy-efficient hybrid log and timber home construction. When we introduced our Thermal-Log™ building system in 1979, we revolutionized the log and timber home industry. Our Thermal-Log™ provided the structural integrity, comfort and peace of mind people needed to build their dream home. The Thermal-Log™ building system is designed to ensure that insulation and thermal mass work effectively together within the framework of a tightly constructed house, locking out costly air infiltration and locking in expensive heat.


Can I work with Wisconsin Log Homes if I don’t live in Wisconsin?

Yes, absolutely. Don’t let our name mislead you; most of our clients live many states or even oceans away from our Headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The distance between our clients and the Wisconsin Log Homes office is as close as the nearest computer or phone. Modern-day technology allows us to service clients throughout the world right from our Headquarters with ease. Wisconsin Log Homes currently has completed homes throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Can I buy one of your floor plans or use only your design services?

Only clients building with Wisconsin Log Homes will receive our custom design services, including our final construction drawings and copyright release to those drawings. We do not sell floor plans, final construction drawings or the copyright release for any of the designs found on our website as we are not a design-only company. Copyright laws prevent anyone from reproducing, modifying or reusing Wisconsin Log Homes’ intellectual property including but not limited to floor plans, designs, renderings, photographs and/or videos without the proper direct written permission from Wisconsin Log Homes.


Please contact one of our National Home Consultants with any additional questions or to discuss your project plans and ideas at 1-800-678-9107.