Custom Wood Homes


Thank you to the entire WLH team for exceeding all our expectations for the design/build process and for the beautiful home we now live in.

We have built three homes in our lifetime, so we went into this knowing what to expect for the building process. We knew that there would inherently be stress and worry that comes along with building a new home and we were fully prepared for that this fourth time around. We are so pleased (and surprised) to say that not once throughout the process did we ever have any concerns or feel overwhelmed. This speaks volumes for your team and the people we were surrounded by because you all took such good care of us, and we were able to fully depend on you every step of the way. Never were we sent into a meeting to pick out finishes on our own or left to deal with anything or anyone ourselves; you truly did it all and made it so easy for us.

Nate, it all started with you during the initial bid/contract process. You had every detail and cost accounted for in the contract so we knew exactly what to expect from an investment standpoint. You didn’t “low ball” any numbers to make them look better; you knew what we wanted and you were realistic about what it would cost to get it. The amount of time you must spend putting that initial information together really pays off for your clients and we thank you for that as it shows how much you care. This is the first time that we’ve ever built a home and didn’t have any financial surprises or overages. Each of our allowances were either right on or under what you anticipated. You are an honest, straightforward and thorough company and that was so apparent right from the start. It’s not often you find that, and we want you to know how much it was noted and appreciated throughout our journey.

The house is so much more than we ever expected it would be. Your quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is so obvious and shows in every inch of our home. Our home doesn’t just look good, it was truly built to last.

Companies like yours are hard to come by and we just want you to know how grateful we are for the exceptional experience you provided us with from start to finish.

We wish we could have used you for all our past homes, but we’re so thankful we found your team to build our “forever home!” What a beautiful place you built for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

God Bless,
Mary & Mark

We chose Wisconsin Log Homes, Inc. (WLH) after reviewing their designs in magazines, on their web site and in their plan book. Their designs are different from other log home companies. We also wanted the look of a true, solid log home without all the issues that go along with one. Our initial contact with the owner, Nate Janczak, was very positive. Right from the start he took an enormous amount of telephone time and emails to satisfy all of our concerns and explain everything to our satisfaction. Our only concern at the outset was the cost of the building package. However, now that we are in our home, we can truly say it was worth every penny. In fact, once Nate knew of our financial concerns, he continually designed towards reducing our costs at the same time providing exactly the home we wanted.

During our build in Tennessee, the service was outstanding! This was the first WLH home my Contractor had built. As such, we needed some support to ensure it was built to WLH standards and plans. The WLH team made themselves continually available via telephone and email. Our deliveries were properly coordinated and our Contractor was very pleased with the building materials and overall product. In fact, all our neighbors constantly remarked about the quality of building materials as they watched the home progress through its various stages.

We would most heartily recommend WLH for anyone embarking on a custom home project. We found the design team to be superb. With only two office visits, and many emails and telephone calls in-between, they became very familiar with exactly what we wanted. It didn't take an enormous amount of time or effort to get WLH to come up with our perfect "Dream Home." We LOVE everything about it, not only the fabulous and practical design, but the quality of the materials used to build it. Our neighbors have almost formed a line waiting to get a look at our home. We have had nothing but wonderful comments about how great the house looks. And the one we most like to hear, "It doesn't look like any other home around here."

Sylvia & Donald

We are preparing to leave Chicago to spend some time at our lovely cottage home for the holidays. Our children, daughter-in-law and future son-in-law will be joining us—along with the "grand-dogs". We know that it will be a special, wonderful time. This will be our first full family get-together at our new home, and we couldn't be more delighted.

We haven't said this enough—your superb work created a breathtakingly beautiful cottage and home for us. It is truly the house of our dreams, enabled by your vision and skill. We appreciate the way you worked with us throughout the process—from our seemingly unending revisions to the designs to the tweaks and adjustments along the way. We are delighted with you and your subcontractors' ability to incorporate the personal touches we desired: the salvaging of old logs and trees, the meticulous installation of personal memorabilia from our time on Patten Lake, and of course, the magnificent spiral staircase. Your patience with our crazy ideas like Murphy beds and concrete floors resulted in beautiful, but practical touches to the home. Please extend our thanks to Amy at Mocco's, the Conards at CTI, Bill at Country Cabinets, and all the carpenters, painters, and masons who were instrumental in transforming our ideas into something very special.

We will enjoy Christmas and New Year's at the cottage this year—the first of what will surely be many. As we begin to create the memories of the next decades of our time on Patten Lake, we sincerely thank all of you at Wisconsin Log Homes and all of the skilled professionals that turned our dreams into reality.

We hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Liz & Charlie

My husband, Carl, met Allen Heuchert, a Wisconsin Log Homes Independent Sales Representative, at the Ag Show in Minot, ND. He brought home a book filled with log home designs. We fell in love with the Badger Peak Design. It was a surprise that we both agreed that this was the house for us! We had previously looked through many log home magazines and never could agree on one! That is when we realized we had to build that home! All the people working at Wisconsin Log Homes have been very helpful and patient. We tend to get busy and forget to return a call or e-mail and they have been very understanding and kind.

We were kind of concerned about the high cost of our home but as the building process comes together, we see the high quality wood and construction practices that go into these home and we know that we will have a wonderful quality home for many years to come! This home will be something of great value we can leave for the generations to come!

My husband and I take great pride in work, our home, and our family, and Wisconsin Log Homes has given us something we will be proud of for years to come! When you work with a quality organization it shows in their work!

Many thanks,
Carl & Ronda

I think my love for log homes began as a small child when we'd go to visit my Great Aunt and Uncle. They lived in a full log cottage on a lake in Northern Wisconsin. When I was there I always felt safe and secure while looking at the log walls and the warm fire glowing in the living room fireplace. After meeting my husband I'd take him to visit my family in the log cottage and he grew to love it as much as I did.

During our early years of marriage the thought of one day owning a log home never came to mind as we were too busy with our children and never really even thought we would be able to afford it.

Later on we began to once again think about a log home and how beautiful they were. We slowly saved and did some initial investigating. I subscribed to log home magazines for years, we received log home books as gifts from friends and we attended log home building seminars. Every few years we'd give the idea more thought and even go look at land and visit log home companies, but something always got in the way of making our dream come true.

Tucked away in the closet were our many magazines and books on log homes. Hundreds of floor plans and one always stuck in my mind and came back to me from a place called Wisconsin Log Homes. Being from Wisconsin my husband and I thought we'd give this place a try and see what they could offer us. In August I emailed Ehren Graf at Wisconsin Log Homes who sent us his business card when we ordered the planning book and before we knew it we had a reply and were on our way!

From day one Ehren was always eager to assist us and to make sure we understood everything. Many times we made changes to the Aurora plan and not once did Ehren ever say "that can't be done or it will cost you extra to make a modification" like other log home companies told us. Instead his reply was "that's not a problem we can handle it!" We met Ehren, Nate and Stephanie in Atlanta, when they were at a log home seminar and picked up our house plans. So, we found our log home company, we had our plan pretty much figured out and we had no land.

We began our search in Tennessee (thinking we'd move closer to my husband's brother and wife) but in a round about way the Lord told us we needed to stay closer to home in Georgia. I found some property the weekend after Thanksgiving in lovely Pine Mountain, GA (just 40 minutes north from where we lived in Columbus). We went to look at the property on a Saturday; we met with the realtor the next day and made an offer that was accepted!

Now we faced the dilemma "who would be get to build our dream home?" Once again Ehren made that task simple and easy…he referred us to Dave Lipovsky and said Dave could do the job. I called Dave (who lives in Michigan) and spoke to him over the phone. He sounded young and I wondered "can this guy really build this home for us" and when he told me his business was family owned and was started by his Grandfather I knew this was the person to build our log home because family is very important to us.

Dave and Ehren flew down to Georgia one day in mid-January to meet us and look at our property. We all agreed the land we found was perfect for our home and we could not wait to get started later in fall.

As luck would have it we got a phone call from Dave in March asking us if we'd like to start our home earlier due to another home that was ahead of ours not being able to secure financing. We told Dave we were ready and the ball was rolling!!!

My first worry was "will Wisconsin Log Homes be able to move our dates up for everything…will they have the lumber we need and will they be able to deliver sooner?" Again, my fears were unnecessary because Ehren said "Sue that is not a problem we are ready whenever you are!"

Throughout the whole building process everyone at Wisconsin Log Homes has been so very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure our home is truly spectacular. From Dave and Kathy Janczak, the Founders, to the guys who work so hard out in the lumber yard, each person played a very important part of our log home process and for that we are very grateful.

Dave Janczak made our one-of-a-kind dining room table and our fireplace mantels. Dave and Kathy welcomed us to visit them at their beautiful home two times (both at the spur of the moment) as did Nate and Stephanie. They are truly a family that cares about their business and their customers!

Each time I changed my mind or needed something else I simply called Ehren. He said he'd get right on it and meant it (always reminding me that we had not planned to start construction for another year and here we were getting ready to move in)!

Several times we were asked the same question "why did you choose a log company located in Wisconsin and a contractor from Michigan to build your home in Georgia?" The answer was quite simple…after doing years of research we knew the only way to get a log home that will last for years, be well built, as well as beautiful, was to go with these two companies. The quality of materials from Wisconsin Log Homes is superior to all others and the skilled craftsmanship our contractor and his family possess is so hard to find. The two companies are a team that is unbeatable in our opinion and we will always refer anyone interested in a log home to go nowhere else!!!

Many lasting friendships have been formed between the Wisconsin Log Homes family and our family. Thanks to Wisconsin Log Homes and Lipovsky Building Company. . . thirty two years later here we are living our log home dream and loving it!!!

Sue & Tom

Thank you for your hospitality on our recent visit to Wisconsin Log Homes headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We were hosted by Nate Janczak the General Manager of WLH,  he was very informative and just a pleasant person to be around.  Nate took his time to explain everything to my wife as she has never lived in a log home as I have, and this was a true eye opener for her.  When we left my wife wanted to start building right away she did not want to wait, this tells me that WLH did an outstanding job because she is not an impulsive person!  We had an excellent time looking at the homes in the Green Bay area that had been built by WLH, this gave us some very good ideas when we sat down to design our home later that day.  We were also impressed with Brian who helped us along with Nate on the design plans that day.

I have been looking for the past 15 years for a log home company that offers the buyer everything from start to finish (including the build) and there are not many of these companies out there.  It took me a lot of calls and painstaking research to determine apples to apples who offered the best complete turnkey package in the business.  We settled on WLH and set up this appointment to meet with them and possibly design our future home.  I can tell you that after spending that day with these folks it just reaffirmed with us that this company was the right choice to build our dream home.  We had a chance to meet Dave and Kathy Janczak, founders of WLH, they were first class down to earth good people, and now we know where Nate gets all his personality from.  All the folks that we met with that day from WLH were very classy and knowledgeable people and we are sure glad this is the company that we chose to build our home.

I realize that our final product is a year and a half away but if the work and quality of Wisconsin Log Homes is anything like the employees we met that day then our home will be a quality built, beautiful home!

Thanks again for everything that day, we sure enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to the building process and working with all the quality folks at Wisconsin Log Homes.


Tim & Tracy

After dreaming of owning a log home back in our home state of Wisconsin for the last 15 years, our dream was realized when we received the keys to our new Wisconsin Log Home in Green Bay. It is more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.

The first day we walked into the office to meet with Ehren we couldn't have been more pleased with his suggestions on designing our home. Ehren responded to a 'request for more information' on your website and he was there to answer questions from that day on. Ehren took our ideas, added some of his own and we came up with our dream home. One thing that Ehren did that absolutely made our experience so enjoyable was to suggest Wisconsin Log Homes' very own project manager, Mike, as our contractor. What a team! Ehren handed our designs off to Mike and away we went. Our goal was to be in our new home by Christmas. The ground-breaking was in mid-July and by November 20th we had the keys and were able to have Thanksgiving in our new home! Mike's suggestions on changes along the way were always right on. There is no way you'd ever find a more detail-oriented contractor. After we moved in, Mike checked in several times a week to make sure the little 'fixes' and 'finishes' were completed to our satisfaction. Even after two months, Mike and Ehren both check in to make sure we are satisfied and pleased with our new home. Thanks Mike and Ehren for all your help. Add in the rest of the team, Stephanie, Patty, Dave and all the builders and you have an awesome team that makes the process of building a home an enjoyable adventure.

To all of you that helped build our home, we feel that not only have we moved back 'home', but we've made some new friends along the way... please stop by anytime for a visit!

Lori & Dave

After reviewing several log home brochures, looking at their various designs, reading about their company histories and construction methods, and reading many testimonials, we were most impressed with Wisconsin Log Homes and chose them to design our new home.

From the start, our Wisconsin Log Homes representative was extremely upbeat, helpful and solicitous, and was able to answer all of our questions promptly and convincingly. We were repeatedly assured of complete satisfaction with the building process under Wisconsin Log Homes' direction, and felt very confident that we had made the right choice.

Our representative at Wisconsin Log Homes recommended a local builder who had worked for them for many years on several projects. We chose him after receiving a much higher bid from another builder. Our builder has been outstanding in every way. He is meticulous, honest, very knowledgeable, and has helped us in many instances to add little touches to enhance the house design. All of the subcontractors have been excellent also. In short, we have had no problems, but just very “smooth sailing” with the entire process. The building is moving along according to schedule even with the harsh winter weather conditions we have been faced with.

All in all we are extremely happy with our choice of Wisconsin Log Homes and would highly recommend them to anyone who is planning to build.

Nancy & Dave

Joe and I built the featured home on your web page in Tower, MN this summer on Lake Vermilion. We have to tell you that the home has exceeded our expectations in many ways. All of the construction people that we have worked with, or people in the trades that have viewed the “bones” of the house have told us how well built it is. In addition, the architectural design is so pleasing to look at and the quality of the materials is so much better than we have experienced with our current home.

I also wanted to share with you how much I have enjoyed being able to go to your website to look at all of the pictures of other homes. I have gotten a lot of ideas from these pictures. This has really enhanced the interior finishing for me. I'm going to go to the pictures before I leave your website to check out something else today! If our interior finishing turns out as well as we hope, we'll take pictures so that you can add more ideas.

We really got a kick out of seeing our house in the featured homes pages too.

Your staff has wonderful ideas and are very good at what they do. Thank you for helping us make our dream home come true.

Joe & Marcia

After a day of winding it up in the working world, it is pure comfort to walk into our home and the smell of pine logs. It is a calming sense and winds you down. The look of the logs are stunning as the eye takes in the linear lines softened by the curvature of the logs that have been planed so beautifully to catch the gentle reflection of light. The satiny, smooth feel of the logs invites the touch. Our little grandson loves to give the vertical log in the kitchen a "hug" and the smile it creates across his face is wonderful! The windows are elegantly designed, and let in so much light throughout the many dark and rainy days in the Pacific Northwest. Everyone who comes to our home comments on the beauty, design, and warm feeling they get when they visit.

Our salesman is considered not only a link to any questions, but also a friend. He helped design our home over the phone and internet and was always available for questions during the construction and beyond. We called him over a hundred times, and each time he was available with the information we needed. It is so satisfying to know we can depend on the quality and high standards Wisconsin Log Homes has adopted and proven over the years with the continued care of their customers.

After living in a home for ten years, many of us need to remodel or sell, and move on, but this is not the case with a Wisconsin Log Home. The beauty today is as strong as the day we moved in ten years ago which proves the quality and craftsmanship that has withstood the cold, wet Pacific Northwest weather that can ruin a home quickly. Our son, a civil engineer, helped us build the house and always jokes about the "big one" (earthquake), and our home. He says, "This home may tip over if a '9' comes, and that will only be from earth shifts below, but it is so solid it will never come apart!"

There is only one reason we would sell our Wisconsin Log Home, and that would be to build a smaller one for our retirement years! Thank You Wisconsin Log Homes for the 10 years of living in the home of our dreams, and especially for the beauty it has maintained for a decade!

Stan & Evie

Over the last year and a half or so I had the pleasure of getting to know our home consultant, Clay. Clay has been an invaluable resource to us. Clay was always available to us and always had answers to our many questions. He was very knowledgeable not only about the Wisconsin Log Homes product, but also about log homes in general, as well as the industry. Throughout this process Clay became not only our consultant, but also our friend. I think that speaks volumes for Clay and his level of service. I not only relied on Clay for answers to my questions, but looked forward to our conversations just because I enjoyed talking with him. My husband and I even enjoyed him as our dinner guest when he was here for a log home show. It is my belief that people tend to be very quick to complain when they feel that customer service has been less than what they expected, but not so quick to let management know when just the opposite occurs and someone like Clay goes way above what is expected.


I thought I would take a moment and share some pictures of our log home in Missouri that we completed last year.

My wife and I are extremely happy with our new home and would like to personally thank you for all of your help and your company's assistance with the planning and development of our new home. We cannot say enough about the service that you have given us and if you would like to use us as a reference in the future for new customers we would be more than happy to recommend you and Wisconsin Log Homes.

I have enclosed some pictures of our log home and also a local magazine that picked up that we were building the home and decided to put it in their magazine.

Thank you,

George & Vickie

Dear Wisconsin Log Homes,

We would like to say "Thank You" for a job well done. We love everything about our cabin, and know that we will have so many wonderful memories for us and our children for years to come.

We have always been very attracted to the natural look and feel of log homes. A friend of mine had recently purchased a full log cottage that had been built in the 1800's. He just finished refurbishing the home, and it turned out beautifully. Our interest in log homes was rekindled. Around the same time, we had purchased our lakefront property in Door County. Our attention turned to finding someone to build our dream log home. That process led us to Wisconsin Log Homes.

Your Green Bay showroom was the first log home company we visited. In that first visit, we sat down with your home consultant, and he listened to our ideas attentively. He took our drawings, and turned them into a plan that fit our needs perfectly. Needless to say, we never made it to another showroom.

Once we had agreed to proceed with the project, things moved ahead very quickly and smoothly. At your recommendation, we chose your in-house construction crew to build our log home. Your crew did a superb job. The home is as solid as a rock, and the details of the log work, both inside and out, are amazing. All our questions were answered and any concerns we had were always taken care of in a timely manner. We were amazed at how quickly and carefully our home was built. Ground breaking in November and finished by April, you can't ask for anything better than that!!

Early in the process, we began working with your in house interior designer. She was very receptive to our ideas, and worked very hard to help us find very unique pieces to decorate the inside of our cabin that suited our decorating style. She was most helpful and gave us the sense that we were always in control of how the home was going to look. Instead of "taking over" the project she was our guide, sharing her interior design skills with us so we got just the look we were after. She was awesome!

Thank you very much for making our log home dreams come true. We are 100% satisfied with every aspect of our new log home, and are confident that we will have many years of enjoyment to come. We would recommend Wisconsin Log Homes to anyone. Thank you for a job well done, we love our home!


Shawn & JoAnn and Family

I purchased a Wisconsin Log Home in 1989 with Tru-Fit logs in Northern White Cedar. I was looking through your web site, and I noticed a page about energy efficiency of Wisconsin Log homes. As a testament to the quality and energy efficiency of the homes, I currently heat my entire home all winter long in Upstate New York with between 4 and 5 face cords of wood per season! At today's prices, I pay about $300 per season to heat my home, whereas conventional homes heating prices are between $1500 and $2000 per season! After 20 years of owning this home, I am so very glad that my wife and I purchased a Wisconsin Log home.


We are so happy we selected Wisconsin Log Homes.

You made our building experience very simple and stress free. Every detail was shown on our plans, the builder didn't make-it-up along the way. The printout of all the materials and where they were used also stopped any guesswork. Our home was built on time and on budget. It was everything we had hoped for and more. No tradeoffs.

Remember the guy across the lake bragging about all the money he was going to save by going with his builder's 'package'? It's been nearly nine months and he and his builder are still arguing over who pays for what, and the home is not done yet. He wishes he had your “no shortage guarantee” and someone who would listen. Wisconsin Log Homes is the best. Good products and plans. Good service and accurate answers to all our questions.

We recommend Wisconsin Log Homes to everyone.

Dan & Donna

We have been extremely pleased with the staff at Wisconsin Log Homes. They deserve a “5 star rating” for the very helpful and friendly manner in which they responded to every question, from the planning stage through to completion.

Ehren Graf, our primary contact person, made helpful suggestions based upon his experience to improve our floor plans, facilitated shipments to the building site in a most timely manner, visited us in our home, and provided us an opportunity to inspect two model homes. He and the other staff members were always readily available to answer questions.

When I learn of persons interested in the construction of a log home, I would give Wisconsin Log Homes my undivided endorsement.

Frederick (Jay)

Wisconsin Log Homes fulfilled a lifelong dream in providing my wife Barbara and myself with a home in harmony with nature. Our Menominee River property just begged for a year-round log home that would satisfy both our recreational and aesthetic needs. Wisconsin Log Homes provided us with quality, service, satisfaction and peace of mind in realizing our dream.


My wife has always had a dream of living in a log home out in the country and being able to be with our horses. Four years ago, we bought almost 30 acres of land and since that time we had a road and bridge built to get into the property, and our barn was constructed for the horses while the pastures were fenced. During this time we started looking for the right log home to build. We spent two years looking at many different log home companies. We visited sample show homes and even visited homes that were occupied by homeowners. We bought every log home magazine we could find, attended log home shows and searched the internet for log home companies. It was about 1 ½ years ago that we found Wisconsin Log Homes (WLH) on the internet.

We talked to Ehren Graf, our representative with WLH and he walked us through the process. He was upfront with us about what this home would cost to build. As it turns out, he was right on the money. We started with an idea of the home we wanted to build with Ehren. We went through numerous revisions and finally decided on our home plan. Ehren was most helpful during this process and the WLH planning department was superb in helping us design our dream home.

Construction started in March of this year and our home was completed in early November. Anytime we or our builder needed help or support, Ehren and WLH was there to provide what we needed. We had a few shortages and WLH was right there for us and solved the problem. Their no shortage guarantee is something that WLH will stand behind. It has been great to work with a company that does what they promise to do. Things could not have gone more smoothly for us, and best of all, my wife and I are still married!!!

This is the third home we have built, and this construction went more smoothly than the other two. We could not be more pleased with the results of our new home. Our family and friends just rave about the quality of materials and the appearance of this home. Everyone assumes it is a traditionally built log home. They just cannot believe it was built like a traditional stick built home with logs applied on the outside and inside. That makes us feel great about our decision to build with Wisconsin. Not only did we get the look of a true log home, but we get all the energy efficiency this type of construction affords.

It is great to finally be at home with our horses, dogs, and cats. My hunting trophies look right at home in this log home. Deer, elk, bear, and ducks adorn the walls and fireplaces. They look like they were meant to be there.

Thank you Ehren and Wisconsin Log Homes for making our dream come true.


Ron & Kathy

I want to let you know what a "fan" we are of Wisconsin Log Homes. When we started to think about building a log home I did an extensive amount of research on different log home manufacturers. While there are several and many of them very reputable, in the end it was very obvious to us as to whom we wanted to build our log home - Wisconsin Log Homes. In the selection process we did a lot of reading in log home magazines, looking at house plans, internet research, etc. etc. etc. We also visited several log home manufacturers headquarters/plants along with talking with people who owned log homes from many manufacturers.

In choosing Wisconsin Log Homes, one key feature that you offer that really caught our attention was your "Thermal-Log Building System". We also felt that you offered several great house plans that met our needs as far as starting to customize our home to make it unique and what we wanted as far as our home. When we visited your home office in Green Bay we were first of all very welcomed by your entire staff. While they were most helpful in discussing the many various options available to us in log homes, at no time did we feel "pressured" to buy. We could also see the outstanding workmanship that your craftsmen do in putting the log home package together. The follow up that we received after our visit was exceptional getting answers to all questions that we had. Also, since building our home there have been a couple of times when we had to contact your headquarters, and again we were well received and got what we needed as a result of our call.

Shortly after the completion of our home we had been asked by a Log Home magazine to do an article on our home which we did. In doing the interview it was very easy to talk about the quality of our home, the compliments that we had received from people who visited us telling us how much they enjoyed being in our home, and how much we love living in our log home - all this due to the "product" that you provided for our local builder to construct. We also received what we felt was a tremendous compliment from a person on your staff who had seen the main photograph from the article and ended up putting it on their screen saver because they liked it so much. To say that we are proud of our home and enjoy living in it is an understatement. We love the quality of construction, the traffic flow, the unique features such as the kitchen island, to the cabinets, to the outside looks including the saddle-notch design, the windows, etc. The bottom line is that when it comes to building a log home, Wisconsin Log Homes is the "Best of the Best". You are the right people, with the right product. Our congratulations to all your employees who do so much and go the extra mile to putting out the best product in the log home industry.


Jean & Bill

Dear Families Considering Wisconsin Log Homes (WLH) to Build Your Dream Home,

After having built four homes with other builders over the past 25 years, we saved our best for last.  As we prepared for retirement, we hired WLH to build a “forever home” on our lake property where we had enjoyed a small two-bedroom cabin for the past 20 years. We were looking for a builder who would create a solid, custom home that we could enjoy as much as our tiny, well-loved cabin.  We found an unforgettable partnership in the team at WLH.

Every member of the WLH team demonstrated their service-orientation by asking us insightful questions, listening to our vision, responding to our questions and quickly following up on concerns.  Our sense that WLH was committed to the highest quality construction was confirmed many times as we watched them hold themselves, their subcontractors and suppliers to high standards. Our building inspector told us “these guys are really good at what they do. You’ve got yourselves a nice house.”

The Janczak family story also resonated with us. The Janczak’s are living the American Dream in that they’ve built a solid business by doing what they love, and, in that process, turned dreams into reality for many families like ours.

I write this note mid-project. Although we won’t move into our new home until our cabin is taken down (in the next month or two after the snow has melted and spring thaw is behind us), I’m confident the final steps in creating our “forever home” will go as smoothly as the planning and construction has.

Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I think, plan and decorate our soon-to-live-in home and the comforting thoughts quickly put me back to sleep. I cannot think of a better testimonial than thinking of our WLH project lulls me back to sleep with a sense of joy and comfort.

Best of luck to you in your search for a partner to create your own dream home.

Beth & Pete

We love our new Wisconsin Log Home; everyone says it is so beautiful! From start to finish, Wisconsin Log Homes representatives were upfront, always available, and willing and able to address questions and concerns—great attention to detail and follow-through.

Our new home is all and more that we envisioned! It is so tight and well—warms in minutes on cold mornings and holds overnight coolness on hot days.

We were able to “customize” our model in so many ways at no extra charge. We shopped around for a long time comparing a variety of log home companies and local builders—Wisconsin Log Homes beat out all the competition, hands down, based on style, variety, quality, reputation, and price.

We highly recommend Wisconsin Log Homes—they're top notch all the way around!

Ann & John

I want to thank you and the Wisconsin Log Homes team for helping us build our dream home.

My wife and I researched various companies for over five years and decided on Wisconsin Log Homes based on the quality of the materials and the overall package. I was extremely happy with the level of customer service we had received. You were very helpful, knowledgeable, and it was fun to do business with your company.

I would recommend Wisconsin Log Homes to anyone.


We love our log home; we get lots of compliments and lots of lookers. We would not trade it for the world. Thanks for making our dream come true!!

Ron & Karen

Originally we had planned to build a timber frame home. We had gone as far as having a timber frame home designed. However, after seeing a picture of a Wisconsin Log Home that we really liked in a Log Home magazine, we decided to weigh the pros and cons of timber frame vs. conventional construction. We could achieve our top priorities of high energy efficiency and vaulted ceilings with massive beams with either timber frame or WLH's construction techniques. We did cost estimates for building our home via timber frame and WLH and concluded that it would be less costly to build our home using WLH's package building system. We planned to use cedar siding for the exterior of the home. After receiving a sample of the custom made cedar siding from WLH, the decision was easy. The massive cedar siding is truly unique.

We were extremely pleased with WLH throughout the whole planning and building process. The process, from start to finish, went very smoothly. It started with WLH's design people modifying the basic plan that we liked. The design team was very responsive to our requests and after numerous modifications, we had our plan. We received the cost estimate for the package in a timely manner which enabled us to make the decision to build our home. This started a well orchestrated process that was clearly spelled out in advance so that we knew what to expect at every step along the way.

Our home consultant at WLH was very helpful throughout the process including the design phase, the delivery of materials, and the building phase. He helped us find a quality builder and also helped to expedite the delivery of materials to meet the builder's schedule. He interacted directly with our builder on questions during the building process.

We are very satisfied with our home and with WLH. The design of the home, the beautiful cedar siding, the massive beams with T&G vaulted ceilings turned our “Dream Home” into a reality.

Tom & Sally

We discovered Wisconsin Log Homes at the Log Home Convention earlier this year in Orlando, Florida. Your sales staff was excellent, extremely helpful and we were sold on your system after interviewing several companies. The project is our family vacation home in Pike County, Illinois. Pike County, Illinois has some of the best whitetail hunting in the world, which is obviously my favorite hobby. In 2004 I hunted with Hadley Creek Outfitters and met Stacey Ward. After a second hunt in 2005 he and I agreed on purchasing more hunting land and the log cabin project. Our cabin is still not 100% complete, but it was used this year and felt great to stay in our own place. We had several outdoor television crews, who produce hunting videos for Drury Outdoors, stay as our guests. They loved the log cabin. We expect completion in April/May and maybe we can put the cabin on TV next year.

Thank You,


We have built several custom homes, but building a log home requires unique talent. Wisconsin Log Homes took our ideas and refined a plan that proves that superior design and project implementation continues to satisfy. The process was so wonderful we often think of building another Wisconsin Log Home. The feeling of traditional American style is always expressed by our guests and is a sense of pride for us.

Jan & Bill

Wisconsin Log Homes delivered everything they agreed to do, on time. They worked well with us when changes were made during the course of our home construction.  It was a pleasure to do business with a company that we could trust. We're extremely satisfied with the outcome of our Wisconsin Log Home.

Joe & Amanda

Without a doubt, Wisconsin Log Homes, in my opinion, is the best in the log home industry. Over the years I have built four homes and my office building with all of the usual trials and tribulations. My experience with Wisconsin Log Homes was pure pleasure. They provided a superior quality product and a personal contact who was always available to help with any and all information that was needed. Without hesitation, I would recommend to anyone thinking of building a log home to look no further than Wisconsin Log Homes.


I just wanted to say thanks to Wisconsin Log Homes for all you did. You all were just great. It was the best decision we made by going with Wisconsin Log Homes. Your company answered so many questions and solved whatever problems came up. You guys were there for us from beginning to end and still are to this day when we have questions or need things (like when our painter broke one of the grids to the window and we needed a replacement).

Mike, you were the person I could count on all through the planning stages and through the building stages. You were just so helpful from day one. You always would return my calls, give me good information and input in making many decisions. I don't think I could have had the professional help, accuracy, and patience from any other company. People stop in front of our cabin and walk up and touch the log siding on the outside of the house with comments of how great it looks. I'm very happy with my decision to go with Wisconsin Log Homes and you and your team are the reason.

Again, thanks a million to you for all your hard work!


We purchased a log home from Wisconsin Log Homes. This was not a quick decision. The “shopping” process took at least two years. Frankly, any log home builder that I heard of or saw an ad about, we talked to at great length.

For the past 28 years I have designed, and redesigned, parts, assemblies, and sub assemblies that go in construction equipment, green tractors, red tractors, garden tractors and hydraulic components out of everything from gray iron to exotic alloys, plastics, fiber resins, and laminated compounds. But my biggest hobby is working with wood.

As a woodworker, I know that wood moves and changes relative to moisture, humidity, temperature, direct sunlight, and of course the basics of loads, moments of force, stresses and strains. You're not going to stop it - a good design manages it. A superior design uses it to the advantage of the user. I like windows and doors that work all year. We like to have walls that retain their dimensional shape but don't let the winter wind in and air conditioning out. Our list of requirements eliminated a large portion of log home builders immediately.

We also wanted the experience to be fun. This meant the people we chose to work with had to not only have a basic but flexible and superior design, but we had to like and trust them. I have way too many scars from working with subs and builders and don't need any more.

When we contacted Wisconsin Log Homes they immediately answered our questions, and thoroughly explained their design and methods of building. In fact, every facet and technique of the building process is specifically addressed in their specification manual that the builder must follow. If they don't follow the rules they are history. In other words, it became apparent that their objective was more than to sell us the design and the materials. They demand the log home be built to their very rigid specifications. Wisconsin Log Homes convinced us that they are going to do it right or they're just not going to do it.

Now it's 8 years later. The windows, doors, etc, work just the way they should. The basic structure is solid like a rock. We still can't hear a storm outside through our 18 ½” inch thick walls. We are sincerely grateful for their help in the planning and design stages because without it we would have made some major boo boos. The value we received from their people and their expertise is priceless now. Our project was done on time and a little under budget.

We live in two homes a few hours apart. One is a log home and one isn't. We will probably build another home in a couple of years. It will be a log home and it will be a Wisconsin Log Home. Their designs and their staff work.


A house, if you will, becomes a home in part by the good people that you are fortunate to work with in the building of it.

We, the Clevers, feel very fortunate to have met you and to have worked with you so closely in the building of our new home.

We are very grateful. As part of that gratitude, attached is a copy of an ad that is being placed in the Green Bay Press Gazette.

With Thanksgiving upon us, we felt this was a perfect time to say thank you. Again, we are very grateful for your honesty, integrity, excellence of craftsmanship and service.

We sincerely hope for you and your family continued good health and success in your business. We very much enjoy our new home. As evidenced in the picture enclosed, it turned out about as nice as it possibly could have. The effort on the part of everyone to do their best and work together as a team was originally what we together set out to do.

We wish you continued success for the future. We will look for every opportunity to share with people how grateful we are to have worked with such an outstanding business.

Take care,

Gary & Kathy

Dear Dave and Kathy,

You and your excellent staff at Wisconsin Log Homes (WLH) have been a pleasure to work with during our long and continuing journey in purchasing and building a log home.

Please allow me to expand upon my compliments above with a little history. It was surprising to me some 3 years ago now during my initial investigation that there were literally hundreds of log home companies in some form or fashion out there between the United States and Canada. Considering the amount of money to be invested and the fact that this would probably be our last home, I wanted to find the right log home company. I actually personally visited many strong candidate log home company headquarters and models from Florida to the west coast.

It probably would not surprise you to hear that besides Wisconsin Log Homes, I found a select few other excellent log home companies with similar product quality, reputation, design service, etc. However, what sets Wisconsin Log Homes apart is the high caliber, rock solid and consistent people on your staff from top to bottom.

This has been a long process. When we became confused the WLH staff provided clarity, when we wanted to give up the WLH staff provided encouragement, when we were frustrated and didn't know where we were going the WLH staff provided the stead fast-way forward, and when we were in a hurry the WLH staff understood and was both responsive and patient with us. 

Thus, I encourage both of you to continue with the excellent Wisconsin Log Homes product line and quality. However, never loose sight of the high intrinsic value that your staff provides to the overall health of the company.


Rich & Debbie

Our new hybrid log home in Lake George, New York is finished and it is a dream come true. We could not be more pleased with how it turned out. Our lot was small and finding the right design was a challenge. We discovered Wisconsin Log Homes online and liked the Bowman II design immediately. Working with Nate and the design team was easy and they helped us modify the original plan to incorporate our ideas. They were always accessible and positive as we worked through the design and building stages. At first we were a little concerned because we were in New York, a long way from Wisconsin, but these concerns were unfounded. All went smoothly. We highly recommend Wisconsin Log Homes.

Debbie & Ted

When we arrive at our Northwoods lake home, there is a pride in ownership that we have never experienced before. The team at Wisconsin Log Homes made our first ever building experience one that was stress free by offering solid advice and guidance on the key things they knew would matter the most: quality materials and careful construction, a great floor plan and an exterior and interior style to match our personality and goals for our home on the lake.

Within a year we went from talking about our dream home to actually living in it, and this included the tear down of an existing structure. The quality of construction, cleanliness of the worksite and the way the project stayed on schedule amazed us....and really amazed our Northwoods neighbors. One of the most meaningful aspects of the project was the way the WLH team offered thoughtful suggestions on features that significantly enhanced the rustic beauty of our home; we trusted their judgement and are so happy we did.

We don't just own a lake home, we own a unique dream home thanks to the professional and personable team at WLH.

Rae & Jean

The hope of being able to build our dream home became reality with Wisconsin Log Homes! My husband and I had our home designed and built by Wisconsin Log Homes and from start to finish it was the BEST EXPERIENCE - from the people to the service to the final build, it was just incredible! We have heard that building a home is stressful, but the team at Wisconsin Log Homes made it easy and fun every step of the way. We loved the entire process! They were always honest and upfront with us, which we really appreciated since this was our first time building (and that can be hard to come by with companies these days). We highly recommend Wisconsin Log Homes to anyone looking for a team who is organized, knowledgeable, passionate and full of awesome design ideas. We've been living in our home for 6 months now and it's more than we ever imagined it would be. Thanks again to everyone at Wisconsin Log Homes for making our dreams come true and treating us like family along the way!

Sam & Kathy

We would like to say “Thank You” for building us the perfect lake house for us in Land O Lakes, WI. From our first meeting at your office in Green Bay we felt comfortable and confident that WLH would do a great job.

Having built several new homes before I was concerned that most of the building and the interior work would be done over the winter while we were over 1800 miles away enjoying the Arizona weather. Any concerns were unfounded. The communication link between WLH and us was amazing. We were always in the loop with the progress of the build and any questions or issues that came up. Of course, seeing the progress on the WLH website with pictures was a bonus.

Every employee that we had contact with was a pleasure to work with. We can’t say enough about Nate & Cassie. They did an amazing job and were wonderful to work with. A sincere, heartfelt thank you to all at WLH.

Lori & Doug

We have always had the dream to build a lake house and knew that when the time came, we wanted to do it right. After many hours of research, we came across Wisconsin Log Homes. We couldn't believe how thorough and well done the website was and therefore decided to contact them.

Jason took our call right away and was very pleasant and so helpful at answering all of our questions. He drove several hours to meet us at the property and discuss possibilities. Jason was so personable, approachable and answered all of our questions without hesitation. We decided to proceed with a meeting in Green Bay with Nate, Cassie and Jason and were treated with the utmost kindness and respect while we discussed contract specifics.

After we signed the contract, the entire WLH staff seemed genuinely excited to proceed with building our dream cabin. They treated us like family throughout the entire process, and took immense pride in their work as if they were going to be living in the home. Jason never seemed frustrated with us during the design process, despite our many changes.

Once Cassie started working with us, we were blown away. Her communication skills surpassed any expectations we ever had. Whenever there was a problem, she took care of it no questions asked. She returned countless emails and phone calls without hesitation and never seemed irritated or frustrated with our many questions throughout the entire process. She worked closely with all of the subcontractors and took care of scheduling everything. She helped us pick out every fixture, color, cabinet, flooring, etc for the entire cabin. Her assistance with building our cabin was priceless and I cannot say enough good things about our experience working so closely with her.

Throughout the entire building process, Nate was always a phone call or an email away and always returned our calls/emails promptly. He answered all of our questions to our utmost satisfaction, and was a pleasure to work with.

We were so pleased with the entire building process with WLH and would give them our highest recommendation. We are so excited to start enjoying the beautiful home that they built, and look forward to many years of making family memories.

Chris & Nancy

THANK YOU to ALL at Wisconsin Log Homes!!

Alex has finished and left. He has left us very HAPPY. You at Wisconsin Log Homes have left us very HAPPY! We owe you folks a LIFETIME of GRATITUDE! This project has been the biggest we have ever undertaken and we made the right choice with Wisconsin Log Homes. During these tough Covid times with materials, costs and issues you NEVER WAIVERED. When we called with a deep concern over log sizes The Wisconsin Team, no, FAMILY, sprang into action. We were not shelved or pushed aside. Instant ACTION to determine the best possible outcome began. Immediate phone calls to solve the issue. We are and were from the beginning of this project wrapped in the envelope of the Wisconsin FAMILY. We cannot be PROUDER of that relationship and our WISCONSIN LOG HOME!

We want for a minute to discuss Alex. We hired a builder at the start. We gained a FRIEND. Alex took countless hours sitting down and striving to his best ability to give us the best Wisconsin finished product he could produce. During those hours standing for you he also took great CARE for my wife's design ideas and concerns. Those hours to our finished project are without a doubt PRICELESS. Our home detail is far greater because he cared. He has an eye and a joy for design and building. The added Alex touches which no other builder could produce send our home higher in the stratosphere. He has represented Wisconsin Log Homes professionally at all times and given us our DREAM HOME! 

Forever FAMILY,

Matthew & Dawn

We are grateful to the whole Wisconsin Log Homes team for building our beautiful lake home. From the start, Nate and his team were professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Cassie helped guide us on the selections to make sure everything flowed. They listened to our vision and helped us create a lake home to enjoy for generations.

We hit all the COVID supply chain challenges, yet the team was able to navigate them smoothly to keep us on time and on budget. They used high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The wood finishes are beyond what we had hoped. We were impressed with their attention to detail. They also weren't afraid to use new materials we had found. They were able to create custom solutions when needed.

We are absolutely thrilled with the finished product. The cabin is everything we dreamed of and more. We have already made many great family memories during our first summer since completion. I highly recommend Nate, Cassie, and the rest of the team at Wisconsin Log Homes to anyone looking to build a high-quality, custom build.


Craig & Jessica